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Our Story

Saaras Groups offers property buyers an exclusive selection of apartments, villas, plotted developments, and other real estate opportunities. Unlike other property marketing companies, Saaras Groups is extremely selective about each project it works with, ensuring that every property is nothing short of a dream home.
Our new projects across different districts of kerala offers you Futuristic Living With the buzzing modern lifestyle

  • Precise Builders
  • Eco-Friendly Homes
  • Energy Efficiency
  • After Sales Services

Our Dedicated Team

Our Expert Staff Reflects Over 30+ Years Of Experience In Each Of Our Projects & We Always Have The Strong Support Of Our Expert Staff In Your Desire To Have The Safest & Beautiful Dream Home!

The Saaras Group Is Staffed By Over 100 Hardworking & Skilled Employees From Kerala And Other Parts Of India. Their Expertise & Dedication In Their Construction Is The Guarantee We Give To Your Dream Home.

We Understand Requirements

We Understand Your Customization Of Buildings From Medium-sized Homes And Villas To Corporate Entities.

We Work Precisely

Experience And Dedication In The Construction Of Hard-working, Skilled Staff Will Give New Life To Your Dream Home.

We Deliver Best Output

We Are Not Just Building Buildings! These Are Your Dreams. See New Dreams With The Saaras Group.

Smokeless Stove

From The Makers Of The First Fireplaces Of Nirapara And Eastern